Saturday, March 5, 2011

OOAK Bunting Baby

This Is a bunting baby I just finished .He has n arms and legs .Hes just a head. hes about 7" long. He has been hand painted and has mohair applied and baked on  his sweet little head.


ooak polymer clay baby art dolls Its a Boy

This is a Mini OOAK Art Doll Full body baby boy Sculpt. Hes about 6 " long. I sculpted him all by hand . Hes kind of free hand .I didn't use any photo just memory.


My new Baby Girls

I sculpted and finished these last week. I posted them on my facebook last week .They will show there again .But I wanted to post them here to.Here are two of my 6" baby girls. I have more to show but we will start with these little darlings