Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Babies By Belinda

First let my say a little about myself and my Hobby That I love so much!!!!

Im Married with children and grand children.

and I live in a small country town in Tenn.

Now for my hobby or for a better word( my passion!!).

Sculpting newborn babies from polymer clay.

I discovered sculpting one day when I was bored and typed in clay on a search

and that was that. I was hooked .I came across a site some how in my search that was dolls in clay .WEll I dont have to say no more . My next trip to town was accompanied by a list of sculpting supplies.Thats been a few years ago .

I have learned the basics and now im on a mission to make my babies look more realistice and life like .I have a long way to go. But practice every day .And practice makes perfect :)

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