Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Practice Makes perfect

I Love sculpting babies in polymer clay.
I have been sculpting (practicing ) for a few years.
I have found the more I practice the better I get .
Dont get me wronge now Ive had alot bad days where Ive said I quit
it looks like an old man .

Im learning more every time I sculpt .I want to reach a point to where I can capture the realistic newborn baby look to my
works of art .
If I had to say one thing that would help other sculptors .It would bee to practice and Dont give up. Because your Moma will tell ya Practice makes perfect !!:)


Shielda said...

Great Job Belinda

Belinda said...

Thank you Shielda
Yuor blog looks wonderful and your babies are Beautiful

Debbie Lee said...

Hi Belinda,
Your blog looks great.
Debbie Lee